Kumamoto University Research Center for Buried Cultural Properties


About Kumamoto University Research Center for Buried Cultural Properties

Nearly all of the campuses of Kumamoto University are designated as sites containing buried cultural properties. Including the Kurokamimachi Site (Kurokami area), the Honjo Site (Honjo area) and the Oe Site (Oe area), there are a total of 8 sites dating from the Jomon Period to the early Modern Era.

Kumamoto University Buried Cultural Properties Investigating Committee and Kumamoto University Archaeological Operation Center were established in 1994 as a direct result of the university on-site redevelopment project, which was decided upon in 1993. They were set up for the purpose of investigating the site (preservation of records) as the deconstruction involved in the project was seen as a threat to the site. On the 1st of October 2011, these organizations were designated as inter-departmental education and research centers and became ʻKumamoto University Research Center for Buried Cultural Propertiesʼ.

Since then, the Research Center has been investigating sites on campuses prior to commencement of the redevelopment project. The investigation results are published in annual bulletins / reports.

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