日本で働きたい外国人留学生のための就職支援/Job hunting support for international students who wish to work in Japan

At Kumamoto University, we support international students who wish to work in Japan, mainly in the Career Development Program(CDP) office.

日本での就職活動について/Job hunting in Japan

Job hunting in Japan is different from job hunting in other countries, and begins in the previous year of graduation.

You need to participate in seminars and internship from June of 3rd year college and 1st year master's students, and perform self-analysis and company research, and prepare for writing tests and entry sheet creation.

Many Japanese companies start company information session and entry process from March of 3rd year college and 1st year master's students, and start written test and interviews from Mid-April. After that, an informal  promise of employment will be announced from May, which is called a "Nai naitei".

Japanese language skills is very important for finding a job in Japan. Make an effort to improve your Japanese language skills from an early stage by using Japanese Classes at the university.

If you are international students who wish to work in Japan, please consult with the CDP Office.

留学生就職推進室の案内/CDP Office Information

 Counseling on employment and job hunting in Japan

 Counseling on enrollment in educational programs (such as business Japanese and career education) and provision of learning materials for the chosen subject

 Collection of corporate information

 Utilization of the Career Training Studio (job hunting and business simulations)

 Utilization of the Learning Commons (autonomous study support for Japanese learning and career education) 

場所:黒髪北地区 全学教育棟C棟1階
Office:General Education Building C 1F, Kurokami Kita Chiku

mail:cdp[AT]jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp  ※ [AT] を @ に書き換えてご使用ください。/change  [AT] to @

Link :CDP Office HP

支援内容/Support Program

・ビジネス日本語教育/Business Japanese
Business Japanese Subjects & Classes preparing for japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) and Business Japanese Proficiency Test(BJT) , to you can acquire practical business Japanese language skills.

・キャリア教育/Career Education
In this program, international students can learn about “work" through career seminars provided by people from all walks of life such as corporate executives, predecessor international students and personnel managers from various companies, to understand Japan's unique job hunting practices and career views.

業務遂行型インターンシップでは、受入企業において実際の業務を疑似体験するとともに、職場におけるコミュニケーション能力の向上などを図ります。また課 題解決型インターンシップでは、企業から出された課題解決のために現状分析、解決策の企画・立案などを行い、より実践に即した経験をすることができます。 そして業務遂行的実習と課題解決的実習を合わせて学ぶハイブリット型インターンシップもあります。
Through task-performance-type internships, international students simulate actual tasks at host companies to improve workplace communication skills, while problem-solving-type internships provide international students with more practical opportunities to analyze current conditions and formulate solutions. Hybrid-type internships that combine these above-mentioned two types are also available.

・就職セミナー等/Career Seminars
The aim of these seminars is to help international students acquire various skills necessary for job hunting in Japan (such as how to conduct corporate research, how to fill out the entry sheet, how to conduct job interviews, and so forth).

外国人留学生の日本国内での就職状況/Employment results of international students in Japan

・就職の状況/Employment results

FY2020 FY2019 FY2018 FY2017
Number of job seekers in Japan  
25 23 29 19
Number of employed in Japan
24 21 26 18
Employment rate in Japan
96.0% 91.3 89.7% 94.7%

・主な就職先(FY2020,FY2019,FY2018,FY2017)/Example Japanese companies that international students joined
田辺三菱製薬(Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma)、エーザイ(Eisai)、大塚製薬(Otsuka Pharmaceutical)、KMバイオロジクス(KM Biologics)、スズキ(SUZUKI MOTOR)、東芝(TOSHIBA)、日立金属(Hitachi Metals)、マイクロンメモリジャパン(Micron Memory Japan)、ソニーLSIデザイン(Sony LSI Design)、LIXIL、大和ハウス工業(DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY)、Rakuten、フジタ(Fujita)、肥後銀行(Higo Bank)、Rakuten、東芝プラントシステム(TOSHIBA PLANT SYSTEMS & SERVICES)、IHI運搬機械(IHI Transport Machinery)、住友電装(Sumitomo Wiring Systems)、マキノジェイ(Makino J)、エス・アンド・アイ(S&I)、SPK、油機エンジニアリング(Yuki Engineering)、森川健康堂(Morikawakenkodo)、ワイズジャパン(Ys JAPAN)、新日本科学(SHIN NIPPON BIOMEDICAL LABORATORIES)、リニカル(Linical)、一建設(HAJIME CONSTRUCTION)、五洋建設(PENTA-OCEAN CONSTRUCTION)、セントラルユニ(Central Uni)、第一精工(Dai-ichi Seiko)、木村(Kimura)、理研計器(RIKEN KEIKI)、岡野バルブ製造(OKANO VALVE MFG.)、オオクマ電子(OOKUMA ELECTRONIC)、桜十字病院(Sakura Jyuji Hospital)、和歌山県立医科大学(WAKAYAMA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY)、国立感染症研究所(National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan) 他etc.

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